Minicamp guest blog: Justin Forsett, Day 4

Seahawks tailback Justin Forsett has been giving you his perspective throughout this week’s minicamp in a daily guest blog. Here’s his fourth and final entry (and be sure to read his first, second and third entries):

That was a great three days. We definitely accomplished some good things out there as a team and as an offense. It was exciting. Yesterday started pretty good — I got a little practical joke played on me, so that was funny — and then we finished really well in practice. Coaches talked a lot about finishing yesterday, and you could totally see guys taking that to heart in practice. Everyone was hustling and there was a pileup on every play, so those are signs of everyone finishing and making the most of every opportunity.

During this minicamp, I think we achieved exactly what the coaches wanted from us — high energy, competition at every level and, yesterday, finishing. Now we’ve got to be ready for OTAs and the offseason strength and conditioning program and just keep getting better.

The minicamp went really fast, but I definitely don’t wish there was another day. It was great being around the team and learning the new system, but I will love taking the next few days to recuperate and recover, since that was the most running we’ve done this offseason. It’ll be nice to recover and get ready for next week.

Me personally, I learned a lot this week — the system, the plays, the new coaches. It was good seeing the new zone scheme in action so we know where our alignments should be, what our assignments should be and making the right reads.

The new coaches are great. It was really fun getting to know their personalities and see everyone interact. Everybody’s upbeat, and we feed off that as players. The coaches are never down, so it keeps us up with them.

Going into the future, with our next minicamp in two weeks, we’ve got to build upon this minicamp and make sure we get in the playbook and continue to learn. We looked really sharp during this minicamp, but there’s always room for improvement, so that’s what we’re striving for as we move forward.

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