Upward mobility

The Seahawks’ brand new “I’m In!” sign, intended to provide inspiration, is now also providing amusement as well.

Frequently yet lightheartedly teased for his short stature by teammates, 5-8 tailback Justin Forsett now has a step up on his fellow Seahawks, as assistant strength coach Jamie Yanchar has set up a makeshift stepstool under the “I’m In!” sign as a joke. Thanks to the 18-inch plyo box, Forsett can now easily reach up to the nine-foot door frame and tap the sign on his way out to practice, something he had to jump up to do before.

“We’re just trying to help the vertically challenged,” head strength and conditioning coach Chris Carlisle said with a smile.

Players got a kick out of the prank, and a few other “vertically challenged” players also utilized what’s been dubbed “Forsett’s Stepstool.”

“I think it’s perfect for Justin,” joked Mike Gibson, a 6-3 guard who played with Forsett at California. “I mean, look at him — it totally suits him.”

Meanwhile, Forsett himself loved the uplifting gesture by Yanchar, other coaches and his teammates.

“It’s really funny,” Forsett said. “Coach Jamie is always messing with me. I’ll get him back though. Vengeance will be mine.”

Tailback Justin Forsett smiles as he stands on his very own stepstool before this morning’s walk-thru. The story behind it? Assistant strength coach Jamie Yanchar has created “Forsett’s Stepstool,” a lighthearted attempt to allow the 5-8 Forsett to reach the above-door “I’m In!” sign on his way out to practices and walk-thrus. [Photo by Corky Trewin, Seahawks.com]

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