Minicamp guest blog: Justin Forsett, Day 3

Seahawks tailback Justin Forsett will be giving you his perspective throughout this week’s minicamp in a daily guest blog. Here’s his third entry (and be sure to read his first entry and second entry):

Day 2 was great for us — upbeat and exciting again. We’re learning the plays and executing well out there, and we’re starting to do some really good things. The offense is looking real good, especially for being just the second day we’ve been out as a team.

It’s been really helpful having a veteran quarterback like Matt Hasselbeck this week. He’s helping making the transition so smooth and he’s so good working with young guys. It’s nice having someone else to go to who’s around your age but not a coach who you can go to for questions.

This three-day minicamp really flies by. We get a lot of work in and we get it done fast, and then we get some more work with the strength coaches. Then we’re back at it again with the OTAs and minicamps. I enjoy the schedule because we get so much good work in, but it’s in smaller doses.

A small side note, since some of you might be wondering. Since I’m a Cal guy and Coach Pete’s an SC guy, when he first got here, I messed with him a little bit. It was hard thinking about that at first, because we had been enemies for so long. But I’m glad he’s up here now, hopefully he can get us more wins like he did back at SC. It’s all cool now.

After two days, I’m feeling great. There’s so much energy out there, it just feels good to be out there and competing. It’s our last day of this minicamp today, so I’m just trying to finish up strong and compete and show I’m consistent.

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