April Madness: Hutchinson vs. Easley

Yesterday: Can anyone stop the Walter Jones Express?

The nine-time Pro Bowl left tackle moved into the semifinals with a convincing “victory” over Lofa Tatupu, a three-time Pro Bowl middle linebacker who also is the only player in franchise history to lead the team in tackles four consecutive seasons.

Jones collected 1,188 votes, or 82 percent of the 1,445 responses – the second most generated by any of the first 10 matchups. Tatupu had 257 votes, or 18 percent. The only matchup to elicit more votes? Tatupu’s first-round win over wide receiver Brian Blades (1,811, with 1,454 going to Tatupu).

Jones posted an even more lopsided win in his opening-round matchup against cornerback Shawn Springs, with 97 percent of the votes – 1,163.

Today: Steve Hutchinson vs. Kenny Easley

As with all the second-round matchups, this is offense (Hutchinson) vs. defense (Easley). It’s also 1980s (Easley) vs. 2000s (Hutchinson). Not to mention two players who left lasting impressions – literally – despite playing with the Seahawks for only seven (Easley) and five (Hutchinson) seasons.

While Easley redefined the way the strong safety position was played, Hutchinson is the best guard of his generation.

Former NFL defensive player of the year? Or the best guard in franchise history? You make the call.

Tomorrow: Shaun Alexander vs. Jacob Green

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