Minicamp guest blog: Justin Forsett, Day 2

Seahawks tailback Justin Forsett will be giving you his perspective throughout this week’s minicamp in a daily guest blog. Here’s his second entry (his first entry is here):

Oh man, the first day was really fun. Everyone was flying around and there was a lot of speed out there. It was nice going out there and putting what we’ve been learning onto the field and actually being able to do it. It was really cool.

We hadn’t played football in a few months, so I felt great going back out there, making cuts and trying to make some guys miss. It was nice getting that burst back. Everyone’s trying to compete and get better, so it created a really good environment out there.

Coaches have been talking a lot about tempo and speed, and it was definitely noticeable on the first day. Guys were really listening to the coaches and everything and everyone just seemed faster. We started the practice with a special teams competitive-type drill, and everyone was hustling around trying to make a play and make the most of every opportunity they got. And you could see that out there — everyone was fighting for every little chance they got.

Since we’ve been out of football for so long, everyone wants to be here and show what they can do. The energy and enthusiasm is so high right now. There’s a new coaching staff, so everyone is trying to show what they can do, and they’re trying to make the first impression a good one.

For today, I’m just trying to get better and build off of Day 1. Everyone was moving around real well and making plays yesterday, so we’re trying to do that again today. We installed a lot of plays on offense yesterday, so for us to play the way we did, that was awesome. We want to do it again today, except even better.

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