‘Welcome to a new day:’ The Carroll era begins

And just like that, the Seahawks have begun to write the newest chapter in the organization’s history.

“Well, let’s get it started,” a noticeably energized Coach Carroll said to his players, cutting through the hush in the team meeting room right as the clocked rolled over to 8:15 a.m. this morning. “Welcome to a new day.”

Akin to a beautiful fireworks display erupting in the sky, an ebullient Carroll proceeded to fire off his captivating message and philosophies to the players and coaches gathered at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center to commence this week’s three-day veteran minicamp, the first of the offseason. The energy-infused meeting signaled the official start to something new and exciting, as the organization crossed the threshold into the next era.

The half-hour meeting revolved around Carroll’s longtime philosophies and mottos — “it’s all about the ball,” “great effort, great enthusiasm, great toughness and play smart” and “everything counts,” to name a few. The crash course in Carroll’s Football 101 class could best be described as “different,” a buzzword repeated throughout the meeting. Even the players’ seats changed, as Carroll told them to move to a new spot in the room because “it’s a new day, a new time, and you’ve got to change your perspective.”

“If we do what I’ve been talking about, we’re going to be different,” Carroll told the team. “Let’s be like nobody else. Let’s separate from the crowd.”

The stimulating session raged on to an eventual end, when the players split into special teams, offense/defense and position group meetings — but not before Carroll offered one final line.

“I want us to be great at everything we do,” the head coach said. “Let’s compete to be as good as we can be. The cool thing about it? We are the ones who control that.”

Coach Pete Carroll speaks to his players during the opening team meeting of the first minicamp of the new era in Seahawks football.

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