Minicamp guest blog: Special teams coordinator Brian Schneider

Throughout the week, we’ll be offering you a different coach’s thoughts as the first minicamp of the new era of Seahawk football rolls along. Today, special teams coordinator Brian Schneider checks in with a guest blog entry as the Seahawks enter Day 1 of this week’s voluntary minicamp:

This week is great because I’m very excited to get out there and be able to coach. We’ve done a lot of film work, looking at our guys from last year and a bunch of NFL stuff, so I’m just excited to get out there and coach. The last few months since we got hired has seen us do a lot of studying and film-watching on our guys. We also looked at a bunch of NFL film. We took the top 5 in every special teams category and broke down what they did right so we can learn and incorporate stuff into what we do. It also helps seeing the good and bad and getting a feel for the NFL again since I’d been in the college game last season. We’ve also done a bunch of Draft prep, looking at returners and specialists a lot.

During the last few months, I’ve also gotten to know the players a little bit — not as well as I’d like to, but that’ll come over time. We just tried to get around the guys as much as we could and become familiar with them, but this week should be even more beneficial for that.

Since I was at USC last year and out of the NFL for that time, it’s been great being back in the League. The film library is immense and you can pull up anything and everything on tape. You can learn so much on film. That’s by far the best thing. Also, the rules are way different between college and the NFL in terms of working and meeting with players during the offseason, so it’s really cool to be able to focus on football a lot more here. There’s so much more time to just dig in deep on football here, and I love it.

It’s been awesome working with Coach Carroll again up here. His philosophies and mine really mesh, and having the opportunity to work with him gives me a great feel for what he’s looking for. I love coming to work for him.

The minicamp this week is all about establishing the vision for who we want to be. We won’t be doing a lot of scheme stuff this week — just drills — but we’re focusing on effort and finish and building what our vision is for how we want to play. We also want to put guys in space and see how they play on special teams and get a feel for who we are and what we’re about. It should be an awesome week.

Check back tomorrow for defensive coordinator Gus Bradley’s thoughts after Day 1 of minicamp.

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