Precise preparation

It’d be quite the understatement to say the Seahawk coaches are excited for this week’s voluntary veteran minicamp.

Or in Coach Carroll’s lingo, “We’re so fired up right now.”

Coaches spent a healthy portion of the afternoon in a staff meeting going detail-by-detail through the practice plans for the week, even walking through how the workouts will flow from start to finish. Carroll, ever the conductor, likened the process to arranging music — “we’re choreographing exactly how we want it to go,” he said.

“We’re trying to get this thing nailed as clear as we can,” Carroll told his assistants during a staff meeting this afternoon. “We’ve got to get this right because practice is everything to us.”

This afternoon on the indoor field at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center, Coach Carroll watches on as his assistants walk through a play in preparation for this week’s three-day minicamp.

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