Equipped for the week

The players and coaches aren’t the only ones excitedly preparing for this week’s voluntary minicamp at Virginia Mason Athletic Center.

The equipment staffers are in the same boat.

While much of their training camp preparation has been meticulously completed during the previous three months, head equipment manager Erik Kennedy and his staff have been finishing up last-minute requests as the Seahawks close in on their first football activity since the conclusion of the 2009 season more than three months ago. They’ve been preparing lockers, helmets, cleats and clothes for all the players who will be participating in the three-day minicamp this week, including making minor alterations to jerseys and helmets so the Seahawks will be comfortable and unhindered for the coming practices.

Then top it all off with the fact that the Seahawk equipment staff is in charge of coordinating the practices and ensuring all the workout gear — everything from footballs to agility bags to blocking sleds — is set and ready to go. Needless to say, but it’s demanding work for some of the most unsung heroes in the organization’s headquarters.

“As long as you stay ahead of schedule, it’s not too bad,” Kennedy said, a Seahawks equipment veteran since the mid-90s.

Brand-new Seahawks helmets sit polished and ready in the equipment room for this week’s minicamp at Virginia Mason Athletic Center.

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