Mudd-y matters

INDIANAPOLIS – We interrupt this NFL scouting combine blog to ponder: Call them the Indianapolis Seahawks?

The offensive line for the AFC Champion Colts has had an indelible Seahawks’ stamp on it for the past seven seasons under the tutelage of Howard Mudd, who served two stints as the offensive line coach for the Seahawks. Mudd has retired after 33 seasons in the NFL, but he’s being replaced by Pete Metzelaars – his assistant, but also a former tight end of the Seahawks.

Mudd is moving back to Washington, where he has a home in the Cascades and will be closer to two of his three children and all his grandkids.

Gone but, he’s hoping, not forgotten.

“There’s a lot about retirement that’s exhilarating,” Mudd told the Indianapolis Star. “I got to live a dream. Not everybody gets to do something they absolutely love doing. There’s more happiness right now than sadness, and yet part of me, and I haven’t completely figured it out yet, there’s a bittersweet thing – I’m glad I’m going on to the next thing and yet I’m sorrowful.

“Maybe it’s my own ego, but you wonder, ‘Will I be missed?’ And I know, that’s not really important to the whole thing, but it goes though your mind.”

Don’t worry, Howard, you will be missed.

Good quicks: Sam Bradford fielded a couple of odd questions Saturday that will live in combine infamy.

The Oklahoma quarterback is expected to be the first QB selected in the April draft – if not the first player. He showed up for his media interview session wearing a red QB1 combine shirt. Asked about the significance, Bradford smiled and explained, “It’s alphabetical, and my name is first.”

But there was an even stranger question. It involved Bradford’s Native American heritage and the possibility of being drafted by the Washington Redskins. Would he have a problem with that?

“This isn’t the place to discuss that,” Bradford said, politely.

“So you’re hoping the Redskins don’t draft you,” the same reporter asked.

“No,” Bradford said, unable to muffle another are-you-kidding-me? smile.

The Redskins hold the fourth pick in the first round and are among the teams that could select a QB.

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