Mays: ‘It’s like seeing your dad’

INDIANAPOLIS – Taylor Mays hasn’t had to worry about being lonely at the NFL scouting combine. In addition to being here with 10 of his Trojan teammates, there’s also Pete Carroll – Mays’ coach at USC and now coach of the Seahawks.

“I loved to see him,” Mays, a highly rated safety who played at Seattle’s O’Dea High School before going to USC, said Sunday. “He’s a familiar face. Somebody that I dealt with for four years. Somebody I trust and love.

“It’s good to see him. It’s like seeing your dad, kind of.”

Was Mays surprised that Carroll decided to join him in the NFL?

“Nah, because coach Carroll he likes to play, he likes to compete, he won’t back down from a challenge,” he said. “So they throw a challenge in his face, he’s not going to back down from it. That’s how I see it.”

Sounds like Mays, too. “Yeah, a little bit,” he said with a smile.

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