The weighting game

INDIANAPOLIS – First up in the bench press at the NFL scouting combine: The big boys, who did some big things.

Arkansas guard Mitch Petrus tied the combine record with 45 reps of 225 pounds on Friday. True, the official marks have only been tracked since 2000. But 45 reps is 45 reps. Ohio State defensive end Mike Kudla (2006) and UTEP defensive tackle Leif Larsen (2000) also hit 45.

Other top linemen this year:

  • Oklahoma State tackle Russell Okung, 38
  • Notre Dame center Eric Olsen, 35
  • UNLV guard Joe Hawley, 35
  • Maryland tackle Bruce Campbell, 34

Campbell also ran his 40-yard dashes in 4.78 and 4.81 seconds, unofficially. Official or not, that’s an impressive combine of size (6-7, 310), strength and speed. His arms also were measured at 36½ inches.

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