Happy un-Valentine’s Day

Seahawks tight end John Carlson has no big plans for Valentine’s Day, and that’s just fine with his wife.

Really – even though Carlson and his wife, Danielle, have only been married for 18 months.

“Valentine’s Day isn’t a big deal to us,” Carlson said. “We’ll probably go out to dinner or something. But we try to do that stuff regularly anyway, and not just on a day that is a commercialized excuse to do it.

“I think it’s great to do the flower thing, but it’s even better to do it just any day. I don’t think you need a date on a calendar to do that kind of stuff.”

John and Danielle met at Notre Dame, where she was the captain of the volleyball team.

“It’s not that we’re anti-Valentine’s Day,” Carlson said. “It’s just that we like to do the kinds of things associated with Valentine’s Day all year.”

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