Tuesday in Hawkville

A recap of the day’s activities:


Quiet. As in, it is on the west end of the first floor at Virginia Mason Athletic Center. Very quiet. That’s the players’ domain, but on the first Tuesday after the season finale, no one was home.

The players cleaned out their lockers on Monday, and today moved tentatively into the first day of the offseason – especially for those who live in the area all year. Quarterback Matt Hasselbeck was planning to stay out of the way, and the routine that has been established by his wife, Sarah. Veteran safety Lawyer Milloy was looking forward to attending his daughter’s softball games.

“It’s actually hard, because my wife has been doing a great job running the house since I’ve been gone,” Hasselbeck said Monday when asked about slipping into “normal” life. “Even though I know I shouldn’t do this, I’ll probably step in and try to fix stuff that’s not broken.’’

In an attempt not to do that, Hasselbeck will lean on some sage advice he got from a former coach.

“He said, ‘For the first week, just try to be a guest in the house,’ ” Hasselbeck said. “So I’m going to just do the best I can and just be a chauffeur to and from school for a little bit. Stay out of the way. Try not to change too much.”

For Milloy, this offseason also includes the decision about whether he will try to return for a 15th NFL season. But that’s a down-the-road call. For now, he has other plans.

“Right now, I’m looking forward to going to softball games. All my daughters are very athletic,” he said. “Then, ultimately, getting into the community and getting the Lawyer Milloy Foundation up and running here in Seattle.”


Coach Jim Mora will hold his post-season news conference Wednesday, while the club continues its search for a general manager to replace Tim Ruskell, who resigned last month.


“Maybe expand John Carlson’s role a little bit. He was a great team player this year, but I also think that he’s got playmaking ability.” – Hasselbeck, referring to the team’s second-year tight end when asked what changes he’d like to see in the offense for next season

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