Seahawks vs Buccaneers – Fourth quarter

Peephole perspective: Bucs 24, Seahawks 7. The Bucs put the finishing touches on their run of 24 unanswered points with a field goal and a couple of interceptions.

Player of the quarter: Elbert Mack. Two interceptions in one quarter, including one in the end zone on Matt Hasselbeck’s final pass.

Play of the quarter: On the third play of the quarter – and a third-and-7 play, at that – Josh Freeman passed 20 yards to WR Antonio Bryant for a first down in the Bucs’ drive to a 39-yard field goal.

Line of the quarter: 4 and 5. The four belonged to SS Deon Grant, who had that many tackles. The five belonged to TE John Carlson, who had that many receptions.

The bigger picture: Just as they did in the first/second quarters, the Bucs put together an eight-play, 47-yard scoring drive that spilled over from the end of the third quarter to the start of the fourth quarter. This drive also ended with a field goal – this one a 39-yarder to run the Bucs’ lead to 24-7. The drive included that 20-yard pass from Freeman to Bryant. It was the Bucs’ fourth score in as many second-half possessions.

The Bucs got the ball back when CB Elbert Mack ran down Hasselbeck’s deep throw to Deion Branch for an interception at the Tampa 6-yard line.

The Seahawks finally got a stop, after the Bucs had reached the Seattle 49. But the damage already had been done. The Seahawks also went on a final drive, only to have it end when Mack intercepted Hasselbeck’s final pass in the end zone.

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