Wednesday in Hawkville

A recap of the day’s activities:


The Rams, and only the Rams. That’s who the Seahawks play this week – in St. Louis – and the players, as well as coach Jim Mora, have their blinders on.

Yes, the Seahawks are looking at an easier six-game run to close the season than the rugged seven-game stretch they just completed. But Mora doesn’t want to hear about it, or talk about it.

“Really, what we’re trying to focus on is getting better one week at a time, and that’s what I try to impress upon these guys:  ‘Let’s get better today. Let’s go out on the practice field and get better. Let’s go into our meetings and let’s get better. Let’s focus on the here and now, the present.’ And that’s what we’re trying to do,” Mora said before the team’s Thanksgiving Day Eve practice.

“We’re trying to prepare to beat the St. Louis Rams this week. We’re not necessarily looking at where we are or what the opportunities are for us in the future, just the here and now. Let’s get better today. That’s the philosophy that we’re trying to embrace right now, and I think that that will serve us well down the line.”


The official report, as released by the team:


  • DT Red Bryant (knee)
  • RB Julius Jones (chest)


  • DL Cory Redding (knee)


  • C Chris Spencer (thumb)’
  • DT Craig Terrill (shoulder)
  • SS Deon Grant (wrist)

Monday, Mora thought Jones would be able to practice today, but it was determined that he’s not ready to return from the bruised lung that sidelined for last week’s game. Jones is expected to play Sunday. Bryant is scheduled to practice Thursday or Friday and also be ready for the game.

For the Rams, QB Marc Bulger (knee) is out. RB Steven Jackson (back) was among five players who did not practice. The others were FB Mike Karney (neck), OT Jason Smith (concussion), OG Richie Incognito (foot) and P Donnie Jones (illness). LB Chris Chamberlain (concussion) was limited.


Running back. If Jones can play, the team’s leading rusher will start, Mora said.

After gaining a franchise-record low 4 yards against the Vikings on Sunday, the running game can use any help it can get. But how much can they plan on getting from Jones?

“Good question, and one that I think we’re going to have to monitor through the game Sunday most likely – you know, where his condition is,” Mora said. “I don’t think we’ll have the answer to that question until we get to the game. We’ll watch him practice and we’ll have a general feel, but until he starts getting popped and has to run a play every 30 second with 11 guys trying to hit him, we won’t know for sure.”

On the other side of the line will be the Rams’ Jackson, who leads the NFC in rushing and total yards from scrimmage and the team in receiving. With Kyle Boller stepping in for Bulger, the Rams likely will run Jackson even more.

“He’s a bull,” Mora said. “I mean, he’s really a tenacious runner. He’s a big, powerful, physical, motivated man, and he runs through arm tackles. If you’re not properly gapped out, if he gets to that second level, he’s tough to get down. There are not a lot of defensive backs that want to head him off. He’s just a darn good football player.”


“It’s more about us at certain times – us executing and doing it the right way over and over again. It’s not always about who you play. It’s about the way you play.” – Mora, on facing the 1-9 Rams

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