Monday in Hawkville

A recap of the day’s activities:


Chris Spencer. Coach Jim Mora wasn’t sure what to expect in Sunday’s game against the Cardinals, when the team’s right-handed center snapped with his left hand because Spencer broke the tip of his right thumb in practice last Wednesday.

In the end, Mora was impressed.

“I was really surprised at how well he did snapping out of the shotgun,” he said during his weekly day-after Q&A session with the media. “I don’t remember there being a really poor snap.

“I think it affected him a little bit, but not significantly. And I think he’s probably going to have to do it here now for a couple weeks.”

Spencer certainly made it look like, well, a snap – even if it wasn’t.

“I was a nervous wreck,” Spencer said with a smile after the game. “It’s a good thing it happened on Wednesday, so I had a chance to get some reps Thursday and Friday.”


Julius Jones, the team’s leading rusher, returned to Seattle today after spending Sunday night in a Phoenix hospital. Jones has a bruised lung, Mora said. That differs from the postgame report (broken rib).

“I just want to clarify Julian’s situation for you,” Mora said. “In fact, it is a bruised lung and potentially, possibly a cracked rib.”

“They just took the proper precautions in not having him travel yesterday with that injury.”

Mora said it is unlikely that Jones will be cleared to play in this week’s game against the Vikings in Minnesota, so Justin Forsett and Louis Rankin will share the load in the running game – as they did against the Cardinals after Jones was injured in the first quarter.


Mora sends plays that he deems involved questionable calls by the officials to the league office for review each week. Today, the number was 17.

“That’s probably three times as many as I have had in any game,” Mora said. “Seventeen. I’ve never done that now. In four years as a head coach, I’ve never had 17 calls turned in. So we’ll see what they say. I’m sure some of them they’ll agree with and some of them they won’t.”

The Seahawks were penalized a season-high nine times for 113 yards, while the Cardinals had 11 for 136. The Seahawks were the least penalized team in the league prior to last week’s game against the Detroit Lions, and No. 3 going into the game against the Cardinals – averaging fewer than five a game.

“To have six penalties in the first half, it’s just, ‘Wow,’ ” Mora said. “I struggled with that. I openly struggled with that.”


“T.J. Houshmandzadeh gets off the plane here in Seattle (Sunday night) and the first thing he says to me is, ‘We’re not losing another game.’ When you hear that, that’s what you want. I’d rather here that than, ‘Oh gosh, what are we going to do? How are we going to win?’ You can call it false enthusiasm, false confidence, but it’s certainly the mindset you want your team to have.” – Jim Mora

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