Another Hall for Moon

Something was missing from coach Jim Mora’s weekly news conference on Wednesday.

It was Warren Moon, the Hall of Fame quarterback who handles the analyst chores for radio broadcasts of the Seahawks’ games.  Moon usually attends Mora’s Q&A session, but he had an “excused” absence this week. He was on his way back from Toronto, where Moon had been inducted into Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame on Tuesday night.

Moon already was in the Pro Football Hall of Fame (2006), as well as the Canadian Football Hall of Fame (2001). But this honor transcended his sport, and nationality.

Warren Moon“It is big-time,” Moon said Thursday, when he was on the sideline for the Seahawks’ practice. “For one, I’m not even a citizen of Canada, and they just started allowing athletes from whatever county who have made a contribution to Canadian sports to be inducted.”

The event was even more meaningful for Moon because two of his fellow inductees were Hugh Campbell, Moon’s coach with the Edmonton Eskimos and also Houston Oilers; and Mark Messier, who helped lead the Edmonton Oilers to four Stanley Cup victories in a five-year period (1984-88) after Moon and Campbell had won five consecutive Grey Cups (1978-82).

“For like a decade in Edmonton, there was a championship in one of those sports almost every year,” Moon said. “They renamed the city ‘City of Champions’ because of that.

“So it was a neat experience for me, because I’m not a Canadian citizen and to be selected with all those sports combined.”

There are 56 sports represented in the 506 members of Canada’s Hall of Fame.

“That’s a pretty select group, especially in football,” Moon said. “So I feel pretty special about that.”

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