Second quarter

The Seahawks’ plan was to force the Colts to drive the long field on defense and play ball control on offense. The end result in the first half was touchdown drives of 80, 90 and 78 yards by the Colts, and mistake-plagued possessions by the Seahawks on three of their four possessions.  

The Seahawks did get on the board, thanks to a 38-yard field goal by Olindo Mare with 1:22 to play. But the drive reached the Colts 9 before RT Ray Willis was called for his second holding penalty and Wallace was sacked on third down. 

The quarter began with another ill-fated possession by the Seahawks. They moved to the Colts’ 37, but a holding penalty against Willis erased a 16-yard pass to TE John Carlson and Wallace was beyond the line of scrimmage on his third-down pass to WR T.J. Houshmandzadeh – a 5-yard penalty and loss of down.

The Colts? Their next possession resulted in a 9-play, 90-yard drive that ended with Manning’s 5-yard TD pass to WR Reggie Wayne. On the drive, Manning was 5 of 5 for 63 yards. His biggest throw was a 31-yard pass to Garcon to the Seahawks 17 on third-and-3.


Before the half ended, Manning put together a textbook 2-minute drive. The nine-play, 78-yarder ended with Austin Collie’s falling grab of a 21-yard pass in the end zone against Travis Fisher. Manning was 7 of 10, with big throws to Wayne (21 yards on second-and-20) and on the TD (which came on second-and-15).

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