Monday in Hawkville

A recap of the day’s activities:


Matt Hasselbeck

Matt Hasselbeck. Coach Jim Mora opened his new conference with the update everyone was waiting for: The team’s starting quarterback has a fractured rib, complements of a hit from 49ers linebacker Patrick Willis following Hasselbeck’s scramble and dive toward the goal line near the end of the first half in Sunday’s loss at San Francisco.

Both Mora and Hasselbeck conceded that the injury could have been worse. Not that a fractured rib isn’t painful enough.

But Hasselbeck said that he has felt much worse on previous Mondays.

“What I have is a painful injury,” Hasselbeck said. “But I definitely have woken up on a Monday feeling worse. I don’t feel that bad, and that’s very encouraging.”

Asked about Sunday’s game against the Chicago Bears at Qwest Field, Hasselbeck said, “I’m absolutely hoping to play. Absolutely.”

Mora wasn’t ready to make that commitment, because he can’t. Not this early in the week. Not without seeing how Hasselbeck progresses during the week.

“We’ll take it day by day,” Mora said. “Tough guy. We’ll see where he is as we go through this week.”

If Hasselbeck can’t play, Seneca Wallace will get the start.


Left tackle. Who will fill that spot against the Bears? Walter Jones? Sean Locklear? Brandon Frye?

Good question. Mora wishes he had the answer. Locklear got a high ankle sprain in Sunday’s game, and was on crutches with a protective boot on his foot Monday. Jones is scheduled to practice more this week than he did last week, but still is coming back from the cleanout procedure he had last month on his surgically repaired left knee. Frye, who joined the team Sept. 6, stepped in against the 49ers after Locklear went down.

As with Hasselbeck, who plays left tackle against the Bears will depend on how Jones and Locklear progress this week.


Cornerback Josh Wilson also got a high ankle sprain against the 49ers, while fullback Justin Griffith sprained a knee ligament. Their status for Sunday’s game will be determined as the week progresses.

Kelly Jennings and Owen Schmitt will step in, respectively, if Wilson and Griffith can’t play.


Tuesday is the players’ day off. But that’s a relative term because of the number of injuries. While they won’t practice, the injured players will come in for treatment.

The team will begin its practice preparation for the Bears on Wednesday.


“We had too many ‘except for’ plays. Like Frank Gore. We did a good job on him in the run game, except for two plays. Third-down defense. We were real good, except for that 9 minute, 27 second drive when they were 3 for 4. It’s those ‘except for’ plays that get you beat at this level. You can’t fool yourself and you can’t accept the fact that, ‘Hey, we played pretty good, except for.’ You’ve got to eliminate the ‘except for’ plays.” – Mora, after reviewing video of the loss to the 49ers

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