A few moments with Matt

If it’s Thursday, it’s time to spend s few moments with quarterback Matt Hasselbeck.

Q: Are you expecting a low-scoring game against the 49ers after the way the two defenses played last week?

A:  “Well you never know. Sometimes I have heard that it’s going to be low-scoring game. It was supposed to be a low-scoring game when we went into Baltimore a couple of years ago and it was forty- something to forty-something (44-41 in overtime). You never know. I think defensively that’s one of the things that they do well. They keep people out of the end zone, they keep stuff in front of them and they make plays when they’re there to be made. You never know. I think you just never know what a game is going to be like. You have an idea, but I don’t really care either. If we win 3-0 that would be fine with me.”

Q: Have you seen a change in the 49ers since they made the switch to Mike Singletary as their coach last season?

A: “I think if anything their talent level. Some of it’s the same guys, but they just seem like much better players. But then also it just seems like their talent is better than it’s been in the past. That’s probably the thing that jumps out. They do a nice job of rushing the passer with just four guys. Their linebackers are playing well. (Cornerback) Shawntae Spencer is playing well coming off that injury and Dre Bly is probably one of the best nickel guys in the game. It’s just a great position for him because he’s very savvy and very smart. And obviously with Nate Clements, those are three good guys right there. I just think in general they have guys at defensive end that are defensive ends, they can do it all. Their personnel matches up nicely with what they’re doing. They played a great game last week against Arizona. They played a great game.”

Q: How does Julius Jones’ personality compare to some of the other running backs you’ve played with – Ricky Watters and Shaun Alexander?

A: “Julius kind of reminds me of a lot of guys that I went to college with. He’s not from Boston, but he has something about him like that. He’s just kind of a hard-nosed guy and he’s fun to be around. He definitely has a short temper, which is ok. On the field you can get him upset and then he runs even harder. But I think he’s a hard runner. Even playing him when he was in Dallas, he came out like a man on a mission when he got that ball. I think it’s good. I think it’s a good thing as a running back to have the qualities that he has.”

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