Who’s the big kid?


Watch: Seahawks Play 60

Rob Sims might be 6 feet 3, 312 pounds. But he’s also a kid at heart.

So it was not surprising Tuesday to see the Seahawks’ starting left guard spending part of his “day off” surrounded by much smaller kids at Talbot Hill Elementary in Renton. Sims was there to promote “NFL Play 60,” a program designed to tackle childhood obesity.

Sims“It’s always great to give back,” Sims said. “And I love kids, so I like to be around the kids.

“I think it’s beneficial for the kids to be out like this in the ‘Play 60’ program. I was one of those kids that just always wanted to go out and play and never was worried about homework.”

Sims caught himself and laughed before adding, “I’m not saying that attitude benefited me educationally. But I think it helped me get introduced to the games – football, basketball, baseball and all those things – I did in high school. It was a lot of fun.

“Kids love to play. And with TV and all the other things to distract them these days, it’s good to encourage them to get outside and do more.”

Sims was accompanied by Blitz and two Sea Gals, Lauren and Emily.

The Seahawks are donating sports equipment – soccer balls, tetherballs, volleyballs, footballs, Frisbees and Wiffle balls and bats – to area schools to encourage kids to get outside and play for 60 minutes each day. At least.

“I encourage you to get out and play as much as you can,” Sims told the assembled third- and fourth-grade classes.

If the smiles on the kids’ faces were any indication, a good time was had by all.

“I liked all of it,” said third-grader Kevin, 8. “I like the Seahawks. So this was fun.”

Said fourth-grader Sarah, 9, “I liked that they picked our school to come to.”

Will Sarah take advantage of all the new equipment? “No,” she giggled. “I just walk around during recess.”

Hearing that, Sims offered, “That’s good. Walking is good.”

Take it from the Big Kid.


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