Welcome to Eye on the Hawks.

Welcome to Eye on the Hawks, the new photo blog by team photographer Rod Mar.

Here you will find a collection of images of your favorite team, on-and-off the field. From action shots in front of 67,000 screaming members of the 12th Man at Qwest Field to quiet moments away from the fray, our goal is to take you on a photographic journey with the Seattle Seahawks and new head coach Jim Mora as they embark on their quest for a Super Bowl title.

Training camp began on July 31 at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center in Renton, WA., so let’s catch you up with a few images from the past two weeks.

Opening day of camp found quarterback Matt Hasselbeck leaving the shadowed hallway from the locker room into the bright July sunshine for the season’s first practice.


Head coach Jim Mora brings a new energy and vitality to the team in 2009. A former defensive player in college, Mora momentarily “covered” receiver Deion Branch as he helped out in a passing drill. No, Mora wasn’t really trying to play the position, but he, offensive coordinator Greg Knapp and other coaches performed as stand-ins while the offense worked on plays and formations. 


This is what players, coaches and fans wait all off-season for — the ball ready to be snapped at the line of scrimmage. Problem with training camp is, the players can’t go all out on each other because the last thing they want to do is hurt a teammate. That leaves everyone (especially defensive players) looking forward to the first exhibition game when they can really let loose.



Last Friday, the team took buses across the 520 Bridge over Lake Washington for an evening practice at Husky Stadium on the University of Washington campus. Evening light flowed into the stadium from the west, enveloping assistant strength and conditioning coach trainer Darren Krein and Sean Locklear as players stretched for practice.



Many of the players who were injured last year (and every Seahawks fans can recite the loooong list) worked hard to get back into top shape over the off-season, none harder than receiver Nate Burleson. Here leaping over Kelly Jennings for an acrobatic one-handed grab, Burleson is showing the form that netted him nine touchdown during the 2007 season.



While the team schedules all the training camp practices for the outside fields where fans can watch on selected days, inclement weather forced the Seahawks into their indoor practice facility earlier this week as the outdoor fields got slippery. With the rash of injuries the team suffered last season, it’s no wonder they are taking every precaution to make this a relatively injury-free preseason. 

Quarterback Jeff Rowe is slightly silhouetted by the huge translucent windows on the east side of the building.



We hope you will enjoy the photography and stop by frequently. Want to know more? Check out our About page, and thanks for looking.

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