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Keep those questions coming! Here’s today’s quickie Q&A with MBK.

From: Brandon

I feel that Steve Vallos played excellent at center in preseason and while he filled in for the injured Chris Spencer last year. Is he being noticed for his strong play by the coaching staff? Is it possible he beats out Spencer for the starting center job, based on play, or does the team have too much invested in Spencer for that to happen?


I also think that Vallos did a fine job filling in for Spencer last season. I think he’s part of the reason that the patchwork offensive line that finished the year had some success; he’d been filling in for Spencer enough at practice throughout the season that he appeared confident and stable in there.

This is a tough question though. Vallos is good enough to be a starter in this league, but I’m not sure that he’d necessarily beat out Spencer for his job. Spencer, when healthy, is not only reliable and smart, he’s also very strong and powerful and he gets the job done. I would feel good having either of them starting, but my guess is that Spencer will get the nod.

The other player you have to consider when discussing center is Max Unger. Boy, is he a good lineman. He really looks like he “gets it” out there. He’s been learning how to play almost every position on the line, which would make most people’s heads spin, but he seems to transition rather seamlessly. He’s practiced at center with the second and third teams, and at a few different positions with the first team. He’s fighting for a starting spot, and it may not be a long shot to think that he’ll win one eventually.

All this is obviously good news for the team though: two centers, both of whom are NFL-caliber players, and a third versatile lineman who will give both a run for their money. It will definitely be interesting to see how it shakes out.

-Mary Beth

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