Weight a minute: Mebane down to 301

Tim Ruskell wasn’t kidding last week when the Seahawks president said defensive tackle Brandon Mebane was “as lean and mean a fighting machine as he’s ever been.”

Mebane is down to 301 pounds, after getting as heavy as 330 last season.

That extra bulk actually helped the former third-round draft choice, because Mebane was playing nose tackle and fighting off double-team blocks. But with the arrival of Colin Cole in free agency, Mebane has moved to the three-technique spot where lighter – but not too light – and quicker is better.

“I had a lot of choices where I could eat, so I was just exploring, and that’s what happened,” Mebane said of how he gained all that weight in one season.

“It helped to have that weight with the position I was playing, but I really didn’t need that weight. I just put it own. I put it on so easy I didn’t realize how much weight I had on me.”

He has taken it off by eating healthier, and less.

“I feel way better – like I’m in college again,” said Mebane, who last weighed closer to 300 pounds during his senior season at California.

Yes, Mebane still gets pangs when he drives by a Wendy’s – and especially an In-N-Out Burger when he returns to Southern California during the offseason.

Just the mention of the popular drive-thru burger joint that has yet to expand to Washington leaves Mebane sounding like Homer Simpson when he spots that last donut in the box. “Ooooh, In-N-Out.

“It’s hard,” Mebane said of driving past an In-N-Out without going in and coming out with a sack of snacks.

As for Wendy’s, his must-have meal used to include a triple-stack burger, chicken nuggets and a large order of fries.

But that was the old Brandon Mebane; not the new lean, mean fighting machine version.

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