Breaking down the break

So what’s up with the elongated break between practices at the Seahawks’ training camp?

The players are in the middle of their first day of two-a-day practices. But the morning session (8:45-10:40 a.m.) will be followed not by the traditional afternoon practice, but an evening workout (6:45-8:45 p.m.)

The new system is something first-year coach Jim Mora used in his previous stint as head coach with the Atlanta Falcons, and something he learned from his father (former NFL coach Jim Mora) and former Carolina Panthers coach Dom Capers.

“Some of the reasons that you do it is that you get two meals in these guys between each practice. You get a meeting with them,” Mora said. “So you’re able to watch film of a practice before you go out on the field for another practice.”

The valuable film session was difficult – or impossible – to squeeze in during the morning/afternoon practice schedule the Seahawks used the past 10 summers under departed coach Mike Holmgren. The old system led to longer – and hurried – evening meetings.

Another reason: The players have more time to recover between practices.

“They won’t be back out on the field for another eight hours from the time that they walk off the field, so (they’ll have) good recovery time,” Mora said. “I just think it’s a really productive schedule.”

That’s why Mora went to this schedule with the Falcons, and carried it over to the Seahawks.

“I thought it gave us the most productive practices we could have,” he said.

Another reason: No night meetings for the players.

“It gives them a little chance to get back to the hotel, get some rest, do some studying,” Mora said. “I trust these guys will take advantage of the opportunities they have to recover and to study.”

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