Tuesday in Hawkville

A recap of the day’s activities:


False starts. It’s a timely topic with the New York Giants coming to Qwest Field on Sunday to play the Seahawks.

No one who was there can forget the 11 false-start penalties against the Giants in their 2005 game at Qwest – including the Giants. They followed that with three more in their game at Qwest the next season. That’s 14 of the league-high 99 false-start penalties against visiting teams at Qwest in the past 5½ seasons (Mall of America Field in Minneapolis is second with 89).

“We’re 0-2 since I’ve been here out there,” Giants right guard Chris Snee told reporters who cover the team on Monday. “The last time, 13 penalties, something insane like that.”

Actually, it was 16 penalties for 114 yards in 2005, including the 11 false starts; and eight for 63 yards in 2006, including the three false starts. Read more »

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