Marshawn Lynch ranked among the Top 25 power backs in NFL history

As anyone who has ever seen him turn what should have been a 1- or 2-yard loss into a 3- or 4-yard gain knows, Marshawn Lynch is one of the best power backs in the NFL.

But where does the Seahawks’ Beast Mode back rank among the all-time power backs in the league? Chris Burke at has tackled that task in compiling a Top 25, and Lynch checks in at No. 21.

Says Burke, “His playoff touchdown run against the Saints (in 2010), complete with a ridiculous stiff arm of Tracy Porter, might be one of the greatest power plays in NFL history. People often forget that Lynch is just 26 – some of his best years may still be ahead of him.”

Who’s at No. 1? Who are the other 20 backs ranked ahead of Lynch? You can checkout – and see – Burke’s entire list here.

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