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Remember John and Tock Costacos?

Perhaps not. But you’d probably recognize one of the posters that lifted the Seattle siblings to notoriety from 1986-90.

Like the one with then-Seahawks strong safety Kenny Easley standing on Easley St. in a leather vest, with his forearms taped and his face in full-intimidation mode. It’s called “The Enforcer.”

Or, the one with then-linebacker Brian Bosworth in “The Land of Boz,” complete with a Boz-kin and Toto-totting Dorothy.

The Costacos’ creativity is being recognized in an exhibit at Salon 94 in Manhattan. The “For the Kids” exhibition opens today, and serves as a mini-retrospective of the posters that adorned many a wall of many a teenage boy when the Costacos posters were “must-have” items.

Tock, 51, is retired and living in Nevada, while John, 50, is an indie film producer.

But their wild-and-crazy ideas that became posters live on. The exhibit runs through July 30. More information, not to mention a look at that Easley poster, is available here.

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